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Skys out, thighs out – and we know runners are warming up logging those miles under that summer sun. We see you and want to keep things hotter than the return of 90’s running gear. That’s why we are offering 120 running, cycling, and obstacle course races – so you have options to show off your fresh new race outfits and set your most ultimate goals. Maybe it is to run your first 10k, maybe it is to go viral on Tiktok – maybe both at the same time. We’re not judging.  

While putting on memorable events is our namesake, our aim is to create a supportive community built around celebrating our wonderful family of races and racers. That’s why we’re incredibly excited to introduce The Ventures Endurance blog, a place where we’ll highlight some of your inspirational performances and victories (both large and small), offer helpful running and cycling tips, highlight our beloved race towns, and give you a peek behind the curtain at who runs the show and makes our races possible.

All of this and more will be available and shared right here, and on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Go ahead and bookmark and follow now if you wish, we’ll give you a minute…

Finally, because we like to keep it real, we welcome any and all blog ideas or stories you’d like to share. We would love to read an essay about why you started running or biking, why you love (or marginally tolerate) racing, or even a moving personal story about an experience you’ve had at one of our races. We LOVE this stuff. Have tips for training in hot or cold weather? We LOVE that stuff, too. We want to hear from you!

To submit a story or post idea, please send them to our email blog@venturesendurance.com. If we plan to include your story, we will reach out to you before publishing.

Cheers to new beginnings, and sunny days ahead. We’ll see you out there on the roads and trails.

– The Ventures Endurance Team

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